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Jacob & Caroline Westerweller
Graves & Headstones



Jacob & Caroline Westerweller's grave & headstone in the Hunter Street cemetery, Gunnedah, NSW, Australia.

In Loving Memory
Caroline Henriette WESTERWELLER
The beloved wife of
and the dear mother of his children
Who fell asleep in Jesus on 10 May 1911
....... waiting on the other side
God be with you till we meet again.

Only goodnight beloved not farewell
A little while and all his saints shall dwell
In Hallowed Union indiv......Good Night
Until we meet again, secure his throne
Clothed in the s o.......s robe he gives his own
Until we know even as we......r knew Good Night

Also her daughter
Meta Matilda
died 1875 aged 13 months
Who fell asleep in Jesus on April 17th 1914
Far beond this world of changes
Far beyond this world of care
We shall meet our missing loved ones
In that heavenly home so fair

Also their son
Harold Donald Kenneth
Departed this life 6th Sep
aged 52 years

"Sadly Missed"



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