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Ladiska Amelia HARTMANN
& John Hubert KING
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Ladiska Amelia HARTMANN
is Joyce Bryant's 1C2R

Disky & Hubert
had the following children:

1. Kylian M KING (1898 - )
2. Cyril Joseph KING (1900 - )
& Gwendoline Clare LANTZ
3.Harvey Ignatus KING (1902 - 1907)
4.Athol KING (1905 - )
5.Claude Verchmans KING (1907 - 1942)
& Mavis Jean HENDERSON
6.Lyola Mary KING (<1905 - )
& Patrick COLE
7. Rose M KING (1912 - 1913)



Ladiska "Disky" Amelia, (photo right) the first child born to August and Bridget. She was twenty one years of age when her mother died, and left quite a large family of siblings , Ladiska probably took over mothering the children, the youngest being only five years old. Disky, I have learnt, had a beautiful voice and entertained at local concerts. I have two photos, that were identified by script written on the reverse sides, as being Disky. I can only presume them to be correctly named. From one of these photographs I have been able to identify other photos of Disky which have turned up in my grandfather's photo album and also albums of my great aunt Meta Watson as well. It seems logical that she would possibly be photographed with her cousins, Olga, Meta & Hedwig Hartmann, in which they are all featured in one of the old photographs I was able to copy from History House, in Glen Innes.

When August returned to Bingara and remarried to Fanny Murphy, Ladiska would have accompanied them and the other children. It was here she met and married John Hubert KING on the 15th September, 1997, his family being farmers from the Keepit Dam area, around Gunndeah. John was an active member of the P & A Association and was their secretary in 1900. A large photo of this committee can be found at the Water Tower Museum in Gunndeah.

I think that Disky had quite a sad life, first losing her mother at an early age, then her sister who was only very young. This was followed by her third child, Harvey Ignasus, who was only five years old, and is buried in the Hunter Street cemetery at Gunnedah. Her last of seven children Rose died at the early age of one year. Disky died in 1917 at the age of 44 years in Gladsville, Sydney in an institution. Her body was laid to rest in Gunnedah with her son Harvey.


John Hubert KING was a partner in an Real Estate Business in Gunnedah.

From a Gunnedah newspaper dated June 1906 it states,"

"Mr Hubert King, late of Ewing King & Berry. Messrs Lowcock Broughton & Co stock and property salesman of Tamworth have admitted into partnership Mr Hubert King late partner of Ewing King & Berry of Gunnedah for ten years. They have opened a branch of their business in Gunnedah which will be under the supervision of Mr King and a competent staff . For some years Mr King acted as Hon Sec Gunnedah P A & H C Assn."

Their eldest daughter Kylian never married. Cyril's son James, went to England to live.


Photo left : John Hubert KING taken with a P & A Group at Gunnedah, NSW.
abt 1900. It is held in the Water tower Museum.





Anyone with information on John Hubert KING and willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

John Hubert & Ladiska Amelia King's home in Gunnedah, NSW

John Hubert King 
(photos courtesy of Michelle Cole, London)


I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any information or photographs on any of these families.
You can write to me at
<jvbryant at halenet dot com dot au>.

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