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Postcards From Germany

(in possession of Bill Hartmann, "Othfresan", Dundee, NSW-2002)
Bill passed away late 2002
translated by Stefan Hartmann, Germany, 2002.

"Braunschweig, den 9. Aug 08

Zeitung erhalten
Vonn meiner Reise siend wir wider zurükgiekerth wir Waren ocht Tage im
Harz Waren auf auch dem Broken heute lassen wier uns ab nehmen
beiuns ist alles munter Was ich auh bei euch Hoffe
Die besten Grüsse
Von F. Diedrich u. Frau"

This means in English:
"Braunschweig (City near Hannover) the 9th of August 1908.
I have received the newspaper.
We are back from our journey, we were 8 days at the Harz-area. (hill-mountain nearby Hannover)
We were also ontop the Broken (local hill there). Today we let it go (probably means: "we will relax")
We are all okay, I hope you too. Best regards from F.Dietrich and wife."

There are a few erros in spelling on the card, but this is probably due to the slang dialect language spoken in this region, somebody who says "oacht" in his dialect, also writes probably "ocht", which would have be correctly spelled "acht" which means the number 8 !
(photo cat 1985 jpg)

The contents of the cards are pretty "nothing saying..." also many errors in writing spellings...
Here the corrected translation:


"Have received the newspaper.
Many thanks dear Hermann,
we regret, that you are ill,
hopefully you will be soon going better...
My dears, Christmas was passed nicely,
hopefuly you have also had a nice Christmas,
at Salzgitter (town in Germany) all is still in the same
state, all bad and triste how always..
Here is now winter time. The windows this morning were
frosted from one end to the other...
Happy greetings from Fritz Diedrich and wife."

Br(aunschweig) 1st of - J (anuar) - 1906"
(photo cat 1982. jpg)

Gruß aus Othfresen Neuenmühle
"Gastwirthschaft zur Neuenmühle
Der Posthof ist als Wirthschaft eingegangen.
Die Wirthschaft gehört zur Neuenmühle.
Die hat einer gepachtet.
Ch. Macke"
(ohne Datum)

Greetings from Othfresen Neuenmühle
Restaurant Neuenmühle
The postcard (maybe name of older restaurant) has closed
its door as a restaurant.
The restaurant now belongs to the Neuenmühle.
This one somebody has rented (leased).
Ch. Macke"
(without date)

(Photo Cat 1990. jpg)

Gruss aus Eisenhütte Kunigunde - Gasthaus, Inh. Carl Bleyer
L. H.
Diese Wirthschaft ist auf der Eisenhütte
die früher Probst u. nachher Blumberg hatten
mit Gruß Ch. Macke
Zeitung und Karte erhalten, schicke auch bald welche, besten Dank
(ohne Datum)


Greetings from Eisenhütte Kunigunde - restaurant, Inh. Carl Bleyer
Dear Hermann,
This restaurant is at Eisenhütte
which was formerly run by Probst and after that by Blumberg,
Regards, Ch. Macke
have newspaper and card received, will send you soon also some,
many thanks (without date)

(Photo Cat 1992 jpg)

Gruss vom Bärenkopf
L. Hermann!
Es freut mich das es Dir noch immer gut geht.
Zeitungen habe ich vor 14 Tagen abgeschickt
Brief folgt nach.
Ch. Macke

Greetings from Bärenkopf
Dear Hermann !
Good to hear, that you are still well.
The Newspapers I have sent to you 14 days ago,
Letter will follow.
Ch. Macke
5th of Sept. 04

(Photo Cat 1993 jpg)

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