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Our Children



Mark is the eldest of our children and was born in Stanthorpe in 1961. Wendy was born in Brisbane some 7 years later. Both children lived all their early lives in Stanthorpe, attending the Stanthorpe State Primary and High Schools. Both were very active in the local Pony Club and enjoyed competing at the many Gymkana's and Agricultural shows in the area.

Mark served twenty five years in the Permanent forces of the Royal Australian Navy and is now on the Active Reserve List. Initially he was employed as a Mark & oskarRadio Operator serving on a variety of ships from an Aircraft Carrier to Patrol boats and landing craft. He was promoted to Radio Supervisor in 1989 and served mainly on Guided Missile Frigates. Following his promotion to Chief Petty Officer he assumed the role of Communications and Information Systems Manager and Officer in Charge of the Communications Facility at HMAS CAIRNS. This base is a front line support facility for Fast Patrol Boats operating in the Southwest Pacific and Indian Oceans. Mark is now on contract to the Navy and is employed at the Naval Communications Area Master Station in Canberra. He has a stepdaughter Kate and son Oskar.

After completing school, Wendy entered the hospitality industry and worked throughout Queensland, mainly on the tourist islands of the Whitsunday's in the late 80's and early 90's where she fell in love with the Great Barrier Reef and the beauty of the tropics. Wendy then fulfilled a dream to visit and work in England. In 1993 she embarked on this adventure of a lifetime and spent several months touring and working in the United Kingdom before returning to Perth, Western Australia with her partner Dean McCarthy. Wendy is now a Corporate Sales Officer with TELSTRA , while Dean works as an expert bricklayer, subcontracting to builders all over Far North Queensland. They have a cat called "Charlie" and reside at Kewarra Beach about 25 kms North of Cairns and both also enjoy the tropical lifestyle offered in Cairns.

Wendy & Dean were married at Kewarra Beach April 2001 and have moved into their own home. They now have another cat named Xena, a friend for Charlie, and boxer dog named Dharma.