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Some Commonly Used & Interesting Inscriptons

 Though lost from sight,
to memory ever dear

 Eternal rest grant him O'Lord
and let perptual light shine
upon him

 Time will not heal the pain,
our hearts feel for you
A gentleman, sadly missed

 You will be loved forever
and always in our hearts darling
a special little girl who will
never be forgotten

 "And clouds hung low on the
hilltops and earth smelt
sweet with the rain
and in at the open window
the lowing of cattle came~"

 Wonderful memories treasured forever of
love and happiness we shared together

 We loved you well but Jesus loved you best
good night

 Safe in the arms of Jesus,
safe on his gentle breast,
safe from the world's temptations,
sweetly my little one rests

 Not dead to us, we loved him dear
Not lost, but gone before
he lives with us in memory still
and will for evermore.

 His kindly actions
will keep his memory ever green

 Life's work well done,
Life's crown well won,
now comes rest.

 "Learn from me for I am gentle
and humble in heart"

 Time cannot dim the memory of those we love

 To live in hearts we leave
behind is not to die

 As the memory clings to the oak
so our memory clings to both

 "One of the best has gone to rest"

 Treasure her Lord in your garden of rest
for in this world she was one of the best

 Say not in grief
that 'she is no more'
but in thankfullness
that 'she was

 May her soul rest in peace
dearest Jesus
and enjoy in thine own
heart of love
the happy repose of the blessed

Victims of the Bundaberg serum tragedy

Thy purpose Lord we cannot see
but all is well thats done by thee

 My darling how I miss you
none but Mother's heart can tell
I have lost thee, heaven has found thee
my darling Harold fare thee well

 Released from sorrow, sin and pain
and free from every care
by angels hands to heaven conveyed
to rest forever there

 A precious one from us is gone
a voice we loved is stilled
a place is vacant in our home
which never can be filled.
God in his wisdom has recalled
the boon his love has given
and though the body slumbers here
the soul is safe in heaven

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath
taken away
blessed be the name of the Lord

Kind readers as you pass by me
as you are now so once was I
as I am now so will you be
think of death and pray for me.

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