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"Show me your cemeteries, and I will tell you what kind of people you have.
" Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

Trustees of the Stanthorpe Cemetery

The date of death has been added after the names of those who have been buried in the cemetery. It is in order alphabetically by surname, so as to make it easier to do a search for an individual. This list has been put together faithfully to the best of our knowledge and the research, which has been undertaken. It appears that each separate religious denomination nominated one trustee to the board. Whereever possible the religion represented has been included in brackets.

Stanthorpe General Cemetery Trustees
(Dept of Natural Resources)

Anderson, Francis John d.1952 trustee-Chairman (Pres) 1909- ? 1946-1950 resign
Anderson, John d.1909 trustee(Pres) 1874- ? 1883-1909 resign
Barton, Adolphus Henry E. d.1916 trustee(C/E) 1894-1913
Beattie, Samuel trustee (Pres) 1873-1876
Bevan, Hubert Harry trustee 1947-1950 resign
Davidson, John trustee(Meth) 1881-1885 resign-left the district
Ferris, James Benedict d.1947 trustee(C/E) 1946-1947
Gadsby, Edmund trustee(C/E) 1873-1874 1876-1881 resign
Groom, William Henry trustee (C/E) 1873-1874 resign
Hayman, Harry Harold d.1953 (Secretary) 1940- 1950
Howe, William trustee 1873- 1874 no sig. in California
Howe, William trustee 1933- resign
Landy, Michael "Mick" Joseph trustee (RC) 1933- ?
Lawson, Samuel d.1897 trustee(Pres) 1873-1874 1876-1883 resign
Leu, Jacob trustee 1873-1933 resign
Lyons, Herb Ernest d.1945 trustee (C/E) 1873 - ? 1933- ?
McGaw M G trustee 1927-1940
McMurtrie, George d.1966 trustee (Pres) 1940-1950 resign
Noble, William Alfred (Secretary) (Wes) 1873-1885 resign-left the district
Potier, Alfred J trustee 1873-1933 resign
Raff, James d.1924 trustee (Pres) 1885-1897 resign
Robertson John Donaldson d.1906 (Secretary)(Pres) 1897- ?
Sheahan, Cornelius Patrick d.1958 trustee (RC) 1913-1933 resign
Sheahan, John d.1913 trustee (RC) 1889-1913 resign
Simcocks, George Eyre Jn. d.1943 trustee ? -1899 resign
Simcocks, George Eyre d.1926 trustee (Pres) 1897-1897 1899-
Smith, Frederick Tarver trustee (RC) 1873-1874 resign
Thompson, J B trustee 1881-1894 resign
Whitehead, William Edwin d. trustee 1913-1950 resign
Williams, Samuel trustee (C/E) 1874-1881 resign
Willmott, trustee (sec) dec'd
Willmott, Leonard John d.1956 (Secetary) 1932-1940 resign as sec
Zieman, Julius trustee 1873-1874

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