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August Henry HARTMANN
& Bridget Anne LEARY
& Fanny Louisa MURPHY

August Henry HARTMANN
is Joyce Bryant's maternal Great Great Uncle

August & Bridget
had the following children:

1. Ladiska "Disky" Amelia HARTMANN (1873 - 1917)
2. Victor Henry Hugo HARTMANN* (1874 - 1951)
3. Edwin Hermann HARTMANN (1877 - 1938)
4. Leo Edwin HARTMANN (1878 - )
5. Hulbert Emil HARTMANN (1880 - )
6. Helena E HARTMANN (1883 - 1891)
7. Elsie Meta HARTMANN (1885 - )
8. Ilma HARTMANN (1887 - )

August & Fanny had the following children:

1. Horace Edgar HARTMANN (1897 - 1969)
2. Camilla Millie HARTMANN* (1898 - )

August Hartmann was the 6th child of Christian & Caroline Hartmann. He was born 29th October 1845 at Hannover, Preussen (Germany). Already her had five siblings, although two, "Nuna" & Karl were deceased.

August was taught by his father the trade of a saddler, and from this he continued most of his life. One son Horace also followed in his footsteps and learnt the trade while in Bingara, NSW. He worked for Fred Kneipp of Tenterfield , a well known and meticulous saddle maker, and later for Mr Dibley at Glen Innes. August was seemingly very talented as he taught his children the love of music and they learnt many different instruments. This has also been carried down from generation to generation. Victor his son, was a professional musician. To these talents August added that of photographer. Many, if not most of the photographs taken at Dundee in the early days, where testiment to his fine work and knowledge of photography. This was also carried on by Victor his son. Both August & Victor's names are stamped on the back of many of the photograpns that I have in my collection. In the book "Mechanical Eye in Australia Photography 1841 - 1900", by Alan Davies & Peter Stanbury , on page 174, August is mentioned as a 'Travelling Photographer', Bingara.

I have very little information on August, perhaps there will be more come to light as time goes on. He first married to Bridget Ann LEARY at Gunnedah in 25th May, 1872, Bridget was only 15 years old. Thier first child was a daughter, Ladiska Amelia , known as "Disky", she was born in 1873 when Bridget was 16 years of age. While still living in Gunnedah, three more children were born to them. They were, Victor 1874, Edwin Hermann 1877 and Leo Edwin 1878. The next child a son, Hulbert Emil was born at Dundee in 1880. Helena was born at Warialda in 1883 and then they go back to Dundee where Elsie Meta was born in 1885. In 1891 Helena at the age of 8 years, died at Glen Innes and is buried in the Dundee cemetery. Their last child a daughter Ilma was born at Dundee. In 1892 August's wife Bridget died at Dundee, (most likely from exhaustion) and she is buried with her daughter Helena. Their grave is next to that of Christian Hartmann, August's father.

August at the age of 49 years, two years after the death of Bridget, remarried to Fanny Louisa MURPHY at Bingara, NSW in 1894. Fanny was born on 12th November 1872. They conseqently had two children Horace 1897, and Camilla in 1898 in Bingara. When Camilla was born, August's first daughter Ladiska had her first child (photo left : August & Fanny with Horace & Camilla about 1899)

August lived about 30 years at Bingara with his wife Fanny and their two children. He most likely was very active in photography at this stage, and still took part in musical productions, along with maybe his saddling trade, as well. I cannot say for certain what happened during these years, but could only guess that he carried on his usual occupations.





August died on the 2nd April 1926 at Bingara and is buried in the Anglican section of the Bingara cemetery.
Fanny died on the 14th June, 1952. Photos of their graves & headstones

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any information or photgraphs on any of these families. You can write to me at <jvbryant at halenet dot com dot au>

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