Ward Family

of Enville, Staffordshire, England
Dundee, NSW, Australia

Photos below to Identify
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Edward WARD was born at Marley about 1792, and married Ann Pardoe in 1819. They had nine children.


Edward WARD & Ann PARDOE

1. William 1819
2. Charles 1821
3. Harriet 1823
4. Samuel 1826
5. Edward 1828
6. George 1830
7. Susanna 1832
8. Jane 1833
9. Philip 1833


Samuel WARD 1826 & Ann CARTRIGHT

1. George 1850
2. Mary Ann 1851 (Mrs Harrison)
3. William 1853
4. Emily 1855 (Mrs Gittins)
5. Philip 1858
6. Samuel 1859 (imigrated to Australia in 1883)
7. Susannah 1861 (Mrs Lloyd)
8. Harry 1863
9. Alice 1865
10. Ellen Elizabeth 1867 (unmarried)
11. Charles Edward 1872


Photographs -

Can you Help Please?

Sarah, Colin & Samuel Ward (born 1859 Kinver) about 1915 in Australia ,


 Samuel Ward (b1826) with his brother Phillip between 1900 and 1910 in front of Sam's home at Enville.
Samuel was the father of Sam Ward of Dundee, NSW, Australia


Ward Family taken in England about 1908

L to R back: , Mary Ann (HARRISON), Susannah (LLOYD), Charles Edward Ward.
Sitting:  Samuel, possibly William, Emily (GITTINS), & Ellen Elizabeth Ward.

The only one in this group positively identified is Samuel Ward sitting on the far left .


Is this the Loyd family? Susannah Ward married Thomas Lloyd and they lived in Wales.


Wedding Party of Alice Rose GITTINS and Oliver Cromwell SATCHELL - 1912

1. Joe Carter future husband of Beatrice Gittins
2/3. Possibly parents of Oliver Satchell
4/5. Possibly sisters of Oliver Satchell
6. Possibly a partner of one of the above
7. Possibly George Gittins, brother of Edwin
8. Unknown
9/10. Albert Harold Gittins and his first wife Lily nee King
11/12. Unknown
13. Oliver Cromwell Satchell (groom)
14. Aice Rose Gittins (bride)
15. Beatrice Gittins (bridesmaid) sister of the bride
16/17. Unknown
18. John Edwin Gittins, son of John & Emily
19/20/21. Unknown
22. John Gittins (father of Rose & Beatrice)
23. Emily Gittins nee Ward
24. Nellie Gittins nee Sail wife of Harry Gittins
25/26/27. Unknown
28. Harry Gittins (husband of Nellie Gittins nee Sail
29. Samuel Frank Gittins

Identification in colaboration with Steven Plunkett and his mother Margaret Plunkett of England. With my grateful thanks for all their help.

 Wedding Party of Beatrice Emily GITTINS and Joseph CARTER - First Quarater of 1914

1. Lily Gittins nee King first wife of Harold Gittins
2. John Edwin Gittins, son of John & Emiy nee Ward
3. Oliver Cromwell Satchell husband of Rose
4. Samuel Frank Gittins son of John & Emily nee Ward
5. Alice Rose Gittins
6. John Gittins husband of Emily nee Ward
7/8/9. Unknown
10/11. Nellie Gittins nee Sail with either Madge or Bernard (twins)
12/13. Unknown
14. Joseph Carter (groom)
15. Beatrice Emily Ward Gittins (bride)
16. Annie Darby Ward (bridesmaid)
17. Emily Gittins nee Ward
18/19. Harold Gittins with either Madge or Bernard (twins)
20. Child at the front is John Stanley Gittins (b 1910), son of Albert Harold and Lily.

Identification in colaboration with Steven Plunkett and his mother Margaret Plunkett of England. With my grateful thanks for all their help.



John GITTINS of Rugby abt 1914
Photographer George T Dean, Rugby
He recieved the Order of St John' about a year before he died

 Believed to be Ann Ward, nee CARTRIGHT Help needed?
Reverse side of photo written Ann .

Ewart Lloyd

Son of Thomas Lloyd & Susannah, nee WARD


  Christene, believed to be Ewart Lloyd's wife


Grace (LLOYD) with husband and son at top of Grace's garden
believed to be in Rugby, WAR, England.

See right: The handwriting is definitely that of Sussanah Lloyd, Grace's mother

Young couple, just married, possibly Annie Darby Ward wedding? Help please to identify.

Gladys Lloyd (b 1897) and her husband. She is the daughter of Thomas & Susannah Lloyd