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Christian HARTMANN
and Carlena "Caroline" DAMEIER



Christian Hartmann

Carlene "Caroline" Hartmann

 Caroline& Christian Hartmann

Christian Hartmann, son of Henry and his mother unknown, was born 1803, Brunswick, Germany. He married Carlena Dameier, who was the daughter of Count Dameier, a French landowner, army officer and member of the French Aristocracy and Catherine PETERS. During the French Revolution (1789-1802) it has been stated that the mother of Count Dameier , was among the many members of the nobility who were beheaded . The family escaped to Germany, where they ceased using their titles in an attempt to secure their anomnymity . In Germany they used the name of PETERS, being the maiden name of Catherine PETERS. Carlena Dameier was born in Hanover, Germany in 1807.

Christian HARTMANN married Carlene DAMEIER about 1830, at Oathrasen, Hanover, Germany. They had six children. Christian worked at his trade as a saddler and harness maker and as his sons grew up he taught them his trade. Herman as a harness maker and August a saddler.

Christian in his declining years lived with his son Hermann at Dundee. He died and is buried in the Dundee cemetery, while Caroline was living with her daughter, Caroline Westerweller of Gunnedah, when she died. She is buried in the Hunter Street cemetery at Gunnedah. I have been told by family members, that her headstone is not now where she was buried. It was shifted to be closer with other family members. She was buried close to where Jacob Westerweller and his wife are buried in the Old Church of England section, near the western boundary or fence of the Hunter Street cemetery. I have not investigated further.

Take a look at some of the
old postcards sent from Charles Macke & Franz Dietrich of Germany to Hermann Hartmann who imigrated to Dundee, NSW . These cards and newspapers, were exchanged over an extended period.
Fortunately some
old photographs of friends in Germany, which were sent to Hermann or his daughter Hedwig have survived and are still in good shape. Help is needed to identify those in the photographs.

More information on the early life as related to Elizabeth Griffith by her mother Wilhelmina Hartmann and written in a wonderful account of their lives entitled "From Then Till Now". This was passed on to me by Sharron (Wetmore) Dexter, of America . Its wonderful to find accounts written like this one, that can enlightened us all on the trials and tribulations our ancestors went through during their lives.

My thanks and gratitude to all the people who have helped me locate information and in loaning photographs over an extended period. Special thanks to the American family of Wilhelmina Hartmann who have been a tremendous help. It is truly gratifying to know that there are so many descendants now extremely interested in their heritage. My hope is to foster interest and keep the ball rolling, so that our descendants will know from where they originated and who their forebears where, and with a lot of help and searching, what they looked like, which makes it much more realistic. Any help will be gratefully received. However, I take no responsibility for any errors occurring in this or other publications.

"From Then Till Now" written by Elizabeth Griffith, daughter of Wilhelmenia (Hartmann) Holtz Moeller

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Christian & Caroline Hartmann had the following children;

1. "Nuna" HARTMANN (no details known, died young in Germany)
Wilhemina HARTMANN married 1st Fred HOLTZ & 2nd Charles MOELLER lived in USA- 8 children
Hermann Christian HARTMANN married Johanna Louise Sophie KIEHNE - 10 children
4. Carl/Karl HARTMANN (no details known, died young in Germany)
Caroline Henrietta HARTMANN married Jacob WESTERWELLER - 8 children
August Henry HARTMANN married 1st Bridget Anne LEARY & 2nd Fanny Louisa MURPHY - 8 children

Christian & Caroline Hartmann's Family
1. Nuna Hartmann
no photo available 
died young
2. Wilhelmina

3. Hermann Christian

4. Carl Hartmann
no photo available
died young 

5. Caroline Henrietta Hartmann

6. August Henry

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any information or photographs on any of these families.
You can write to me at
<jvbryant at halenet dot com dot au>.

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