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Davies Family

I am digging for connections with my husband Neville's gt-gt grandfather John DAVIES, who married Mary BOWEN? on 5 October, 1826 at St Keverne, Cornwall, England.

At this stage we have information on one son, Thomas DAVIES, who was born c. 1828, Carmarthen, South Wales. The parentage of Thomas has not been proven., but the indications are that John and Mary were Thomas's parents as on the birth certificate of his ninth and last born child, the father is stated to be Thomas Bowen DAVIES. Parents often included the mother's maiden name in that of their children, although for all of the other children, the father was simply Thomas DAVIES. He emigrated to Adelaide, Australia in 1832 on Board the "Amazon" , and on the 22 March, 1855 at Adelaide, South Australia, married Susannah SYMONS. Susannah was born at St Keverne, Cornwall, England on the 12 May 1832 and christened on 17 June 1832, I think that she emigrated to South Australia on board "Gloucester" 13/8/1852. ( Still a lot of work to be done)

Susannah DAVIES nee SYMONS (photo below) taken at the age of 86, was born to Robert/Richard SYMONS and Miriam ROSKILLY. (I always understood her mother to be Catherine but Miriam Roskilly is what was on her death cert. Maybe she was Catherine Miriam or in reverse. Still attemping to find out)

Thomas and Susannah DAVIES settled around the Stawell area of Victoria and were engaged in the mining activities of that period. Their first child, a daughter, Catherine Mary DAVIES, born 27 September, 1856 at Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, married Benjamin BRYANT (see Bryant Family History). Other children of the marriage are -

Thomas DAVIES b1859 married Sis DAVIDSON.
Margaret DAVIES
Grace Symons DAVIES b1863,
Miriam DAVIES b1866,
Robert DAVIES b 1869 d1946, married Emily FAULL,
Charles Esplin DAVIES b1871 d 1954 Perth, married Caroline Esther Elizabeth MURFETT,
Mary Ann DAVIES b 1874,
John Richard DAVIES b1877, married ? RICHIE,

An obituary Notice in the Stawell News (Victoria, Australia) dated 13/03/1894 reads:-
Thomas DAVIES died at residence of Mr Alexander Walker, of Mayes Street, Stawell. (Who is connected by intermarriage.) Drove No 1 Engine of the North Cross Reef Coy. "The Duke"

On the right is a photo of Susannah Davies headstone in the Kalgoolie Cemetery.
(Grave No 5023: Location: Sec J , Block:57, Plot 28)

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any information on any of these families. You can write to me at <jvbryant at halenet dot com dot au>.. The family of Catherine Mary DAVIES & Benjamin BRYANT has been fully researched and documented by the late William Kent of Perth, WA.

John Davies | Mary Bowen | Susannah Symons | Thomas Davies 1828 | Catherine Mary Davies | Benjamin Bryant | Thomas Davies 1859 | Sis Davidson | Margaret Davies | Grace Symons Davies | Miriam Davies | Robert Davies | Emily Faull | Charles Esplin Davies | Caroline Esther Murfett | Mary Ann Davies | John Richard Davies | Flo Butchart | Elsie May Fuller |

Summary details of this DAVIES family group are:

married Mary BOWEN? 5 October 1826, St Keverne, Cornwall, England


1. Thomas DAVIES (The only child at this stage found)
born: 1828, Carmarathen, South Wales
immigration: Arrived 1832 , South Australia on board the"Amazon"
died: March, 1894, Stawell, Victoria, Australia
buried: 13 March 1894, Stawell, Victoria, Australia (grave no 575)
address at time of death: Ledcourt, via Stawell
occupation: farmer, miner
married 22 March, 1855, Adelaide, South Australia

Susannah SYMONS
born: 12 May 1832, St Keverne, Cornwall, England
immigration: Arrived 13/8/1852 South Australia on board "Gloucester"
died: Coolgardie, Western Australia
buried: Kalgoorloie Cemetery 16/12/1917, Grave No 5023, Location: Sec J, Block 57 ,Plot 28


Catherine Mary DAVIES
born: 27 September 1856, Kangaroo Flat, Victoria
died: 27 December 1923, Tenterfield, NSW
married: 3 March 1875, Stawell, Victoria to
Benjamin BRYANT
born: 29 January 1851, Altarnun, Cornwall, England
immigration: "Colonial Enterprise" 1871
died: 11 September 1910, Perth, Western Australia

born: 1859
married: Sis Davidson

Margaret DAVIES
born: 18 March 1862; bap 13 August 1862 ,Wesleyan Church, Stawell, Victoria ref no 9612 (reg year 1861?)

Grace Symons DAVIES
born: 5 July1863; bap 12 July 1869, Wesleyan Church, Stawell, Victoria
died: 1869 ref no 7583

born: 1866 Pleasant Creek (later Stawell) Vic
died: 1868 ref no 4828
aged 2 years

born: 5/4/1869, bap 12 July 1869 ,Wesleyan Church, Stawell, Victoria
died: 23 May 1946
married: Emily FAULL

Charles Esplin DAVIES
born: 25 July 1871; bap 6 September 1871 ,Wesleyan Church, Stawell, Victoria
died: 18 May 1946 , Perth, WA
Buried: Karrakatta Cemetery Perth (K/WE/IA/0764)
married: 8 August 1898 to
Caroline Esther Elizabeth MURFETT
born: c 29th January 1876
died:4th September 1949
Buried: Karrakatta Cemetery Perth (K/WE/IA/0764) (related families are Butchart and Fuller, Western Australia)

born: 1874, Stawell, Vic
died: 1878, buried Stawell, Vic., Ref No: 12245
aged 4 years

John Richard DAVIES
born: 13 October 1877; 28 November 1877, bap 28 November 1877 ,Wesleyan Church, Stawell, Victoria


Buried in the same plot in the Karrakatta Cemetery Perth as Charles Esplin Davies and his wife Caroline Esther Elizabeth is Robert William DAVIES, (Suburb-Coolgardie) died 24th January 1971, aged 65 years. He would have been born about 1906, so would probably be a son to CE & E Davies. There is also another burial in the same plot, that of Herbert Henry DAVIES, died 16th September 1982, aged 74 years. I would presume this to also be a son of CE & E Davies.

Please email me if you have any information which may link with the above families I would be more than delighted to hear from you. You can write to me at <jvbryant at halenet dot com dot au>.


Far Left Standing: Catherine Bryant, Miriam Smith Front:Bernice Smith, Susannah DAVIES, 1908

Left: Catherine Bryant nee DAVIES, c1898

Names from a Birthday Book belonging to Miriam Smith nee Bryant has the following DAVIES names included in it,
check to see if you have anyone that you might know listed here. Some information has been added from the Australian vital Records CD Rom marked with an *, the normal type is from the BB:


Charles Thomas DAVIES 28/1/1902 *(yr ref no 505; reg yr 1902; from BDM Aust Vital Records CD Rom; Event Place: Coolgardie, WA)
Caroline Ester Elizabeth DAVIES 29/1/ 1876? (wife of Charles Esplin Davies)
S DAVIES 24/2 (most probably Sis Davies nee Davidson wife of Thomas Davies??)
Robert William DAVIES 29/3/1905 *(yr ref no 3976; reg yr 1905; from BDM Aust Vital Records CD Rom) Event Place : Perth, WA
Jean DAVIES 1/4/1901
Robt DAVIES 5/4/1869
12/5/1832 (Susannah Davies nee Symons wife of Thomas Davies)
John Davidson DAVIES 2/6/1899 *(yr ref no 3543; reg yr 1899; from BDM Aust Vital Records CD Rom; Event Place: Perth, WA)
Charles Esplin DAVIES 25/7 /1971*(yr ref no 18650; reg yr 1871; from BDM Aust Vital Records CD Rom; Event Place: Stawell,Victoria)
Elsie May DAVIES 3/8/1900 *(yr ref no 568; reg yr 1900; from BDM Aust Vital Records CD Rom; Event Place: Coolgardie, WA)
? L DAVIES 6/9
Jack DAVIES 13 /10
H DAVIES 29/11/1915
Emily DAVIES 9/12 (Emily nee Faull, wife of Robert Davies)

A link to more Cornish History go to this page - http://www.ozemail.com.au/~jlsymo/
and to find a link to my queries go to - http://www.ozemail.com.au/~jlsymo/consurn2.htm

Symons Family History

Little is known of the Symons Family at this stage. Below is the family genealogy as we have it . Every indication has it that they lived in St Keverne, Cornwall and in 1855 may have lived at Falmouth, Cornwall.

In the Personal Notices in the Adelaide "Register" from 1836-1859 there is the following entry for the paper of 27 March 1855 which stated:
"On the 22nd instant, by licence, by the Rev. Joseph Dare, Wesleyan Minister, Adelaide, Mr Thomas DAVIS, of Adelaide, to Susan, fifth daughter of Mr Robert SYMONS, of Falmouth, Cornwall." (On Susan's death certificate her father is stated as being Richard not Robert, I tend to believe that Robert would be correct as the information would have been given by Thomas & Susan, whereas Richard on the death cert was given by the undertaker).

Robert/Richard SYMONS

married Catherine (Miriam Roskilly??)

chr: 19 December 1813, St Keverne, Cornwall, England

chr: 4 June1816, St Keverne, Cornwall, England

chr: 22 March 1818, St Keverne, Cornwall, England

chr: 25 May 1823, St Keverne, Cornwall, England

Catherine SYMONS
chr: 1 August 1824, St Keverne, Cornwall, England

chr: 1 April 1827, St Keverne, Cornwall, England

Susanna SYMONS
born: 12 May 1832, St Keverne, Cornwall, England
chr: 17 June 1832, St Keverne, Cornwall, England
married: 22 March 1855 to
born: 1828, Carmarthen, South Wales
died 3 Jan 1894, Stawell, Victoria

Please email me if you have any information which may link with the above families I would be more than delighted to hear from you. You can write to me at <jvbryant at halenet dot com dot au>.
A special thank you to John Symonds for his help in acquiring new information.