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Our Garden


Neville and I both enjoy gardening and a lot of our time is taken up doing just that. It is not a spectacular garden by any means, but just the sort of garden that you can enjoy pottering about in. We were very fortunate to strike water when we sank a well in 1979. This has allowed us to grow quite a little jungle around the house, which makes it very cool in summertime. Propagating plants has been one of my hobbies and over the years and I have been quite successful with azaleas, and fuchsias in particular.

During the drought years from 1990 to the present time, the water held out well although if we watered during the daytime, trees such as birches and ashes, wisteria and other English trees, the leaves tended to burn and look unsightly. We put this down to extra mineral content in the water.

Around the house are camphor laurel trees and they have grown to be quite large, especially since we have been watering the garden. Their roots invade the garden rather badly but we have learned to live with them.

Birds have moved into the garden and we have a large range of species including magpies, currawongs (not nice birds), striped honeyeaters, blue wrens, black birds (recently come), tom tits, butcher bird, rainbow lorikeet (just loves the siderolyxon iron bark), eastern rosella, king parrot, then sometimes willy wag-tails and pee-wees. There is a tiny honey eater with a long beak that feeds from the fuchsia flowers. Not forgetting the sparrows who steal food from our little cockateil's cage when he is hung under a tree. I'm sure "Teely" thinks the sparrows are his friends.


Here are some pics of the garden.

Keep scrolling down this page to see the lovely fuchsia.

Fuchsias are just beautiful