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Quart Pot Creek

Quart Pot Creek meanders through the town with gentle ease. There is a large waterfowl habitat where waterhen breed profusely.

The many visitors to the town enjoy their lunch or tea break sitting on the banks of the creek, under the ever graceful willows, while feeding the brown ducks and wood ducks, which congregate in large groups, anticipating that some kind sole might throw them some left over sandwiches or other scraps to see them through the day. Neville and I reared five baby wood ducks, and eventually we set them free to enjoy the creek and its environs. We continued to feed them for many months after we released them . On one occasion I was unable to find them, and looking up I saw some ducks flying overhead and called in my usual manner of "Ducky, ducky", four of the group turned and came to a splashing halt in the creek, right in front of where I was standing. It gave me a lovely warm feeling to know they had remembered me.