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Our Family

My name is Joyce Bryant and I was born at Glen Innes, northern New South Wales, shortly after World War 11 was declared. I am the youngest of five children and have two surviving brothers.

I was educated firstly at Dundee Rail Public School, a very small country school situated in rural New England . When this school closed, my parents sent my brother Jack and myself to Armidale, where we boarded at hostels and I attented the Armidale High School during the early 50's.

When I left school I returned to the family property "Spring Vale", and resided there until my marriage to Neville Bryant. We spent ten years on our property at Eukey, south-east of Stanthorpe, where we operated a dairy farm for some time and then diversified into fat lambs and beef. The property was only small and mostly unimporved. We moved to Stanthorpe at the end of May 1969 where we have resided since that time.

Neville was born in British North Borneo, where he spent some of his early years with his parents. He was educated at Guilford Grammar school in Perth WA, and Ballarat Grammar school in Victoria. Jack Bryant was caught up in the second WW and Dulcie came to Australia and continued her nursing career at Swan Hill during the war years. Neville and his brother stayed for some time with relatives, at Clunes. On leaving school Neville came to live with his cousins, in Tenterfield, who ran a dairy at "Merton Villa" on the edge of town. In 1950 his parents purchased a property "Bukit Sapi" at Eukey and retired to it, from Borneo.

We have two adult children, Mark & Wendy, and two grandchildren. I love gardening and especially growing fuchsias.