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Johann Baptist KNEIPP
and Caroline UTZ



Caroline UTZ

Johann Baptist KNEIPP 

KNEIPP Family from Winkel, Germany

Kneipp "Roots" are to be found along a small section of the Rhine river in Germany. Vineyards and wineries are still flourishing amid this picturesque district, which lies between the Rhine river and the Taunus Mountains.

Johann, the first KNEIPP in this line to come to Australia, lived in the small village of Winkel. Frau Derstroff-kneipp and her son (as yet not linked into the Family Tree) still operate a Weingut in Winkel.

John Kneipp's grandfather, Franz (1827), and his ancestors lived in Hallgarten . A quote made by a family member is that "one never moves away from the sight of one's Church Spire".

John KNEIPP was christened "Johann Baptist" in the Village Church of St. Walburges. He was the fourth child of Wendal Jakob and Anna Maria (nee Lowe). His older brother was also called Johann, but he only lived a few years. As was common in those days the son born after the death of an older brother carried the name of his deceased sibling. This may account for the Kneipp legend that John took his brother's name to escape Military Service prior to migrating to Australia.

John's mother's family lived at Mittelheim, also in the district.

Johann was the fourth child of Wendal Jakob Kneipp and Mary Ann Louwin

In Australia Johann was known as "John" and he married Caroline UTZ daughter of Johann Frederick Utz and Fredericke Silberberg. She was born on the 18th August 1842, possibly at Stuttgart, in Germany and died on the 23rd August 1924, at "Craigieburn", Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia.

Caroline had one brother, Jonathan Frederick Utz, who migrated with her on the "Sophie" arriving in 1860.

Fred , as he was known, was a well-known business man in Glen Innes, and was Mayor of the town from 1881 to 1884, during this time, the railway was opened. He was president of the P & A Association in 1884, 1885 & 1886.

They had a half-sister Elizabeth Fredericka KELBERER, daughter of their mother and her second husband John Kelberer, who arrived with her parents aboard the "Undine" on 12 February, 1855.


John & Caroline KNEIPP had the following children;

1. John KNEIPP married (1) Phoebe PROCTOR (2) Sarah Jane RICE - 8 children
2. Amy KNEIPP married William HEYDON - 8 children
3. Francis "Frank" KNEIPP married Olga Louisa HARTMANN - 11 children
4. Ann Marie KNEIPP married Albert Emmanuel GOODWIN - 6 children
5. Frederick "Fred" KNEIPP married Evangeline Maud KILMISTER - 10 children
6. Caroline Fredericka KNEIPP remained unmarried
7. William K KNEIPP married Matilda SCHMIDT / SMITH - 9 children
8. George KNEIPP married Helena LENNON - 5 children
9. James Henry "Jim" KNEIPP married Violet Eunice Mary HARVEY - 2 children
10. Ellen Matilda "Nellie" KNEIPP married (1) William JORDAN (2)William DAVIDSON - 3 children
11. Charles Adolph KNEIPP married Violet GROB - 7 children

 John Kneipp

 AAmy Heydon

Francis Kneipp 

 Ann Marie Goodwin

 Frederick Kneipp

 Caroline Fredericka Kneipp

 William Kneipp

 George Kneipp

 James Kneipp
no photo available

 Ellen Matilda Jordan

 Adolph Charles Kneipp

 It would be very encouraging if I could find photos for those members of the family where there are not any available at present.

I would be delighted to hear from you if you have any please.

You can write to me at my e-mail address .

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any information or photgraphs on any of these families. You can write to me at my
e-mail address .

A special thank you to Diana Ballinger for all the valuable research she had done on the Kneipp family, I'm sure many people will be extremely grateful to her now and in years to come.

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